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16 March

the maker
jess, or bankingonamyth. 17 years old from new york city with a wide range of interests and an affinity for icon and graphics-making- continues to learn new things with time :).

the deal
as this is a new journal, i invite you to go look at my "archives" at my former graphics journal, whamicon. i keep everything organized in the memories- check there to find what you're looking for. here, everything will be organized and properly labeled in the memories. there are also tags added to each entry so you can click them and see what other posts i've made with those tags. everything listed in my interests are what i will make or have made icons of. you are welcome to friend my journal if you would like to keep track of my graphics- my policy is to friend you back unless otherwise specified (if you would rather me not, just let me know). i will make friends only posts in which there will be requests, icon memes, etc. when taking my icons, please remember to comment and credit (i know commenting is a pain sometimes, but please try! i just like to know where they're going :P). never hotlink and please don't alter any of the icons unless otherwise specified. if you are nominating me for anything, please let me know so i can be aware of what awards i might have won! by the by, the awards i've won can be seen here.

the resources
dj_capslock icon_tutorial icontutorials

the affiliates

if you would like to become an affiliate, just drop me a line.